Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life at Flexsin: First 6 Months

First six months at Flexsin Technologies, Noida has been wonderful. I found some really good friends here including my team mates, my seniors and juniors.

I have experienced completely professional environment here. We have lot of clients from across the globe including the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, China etc. The main difference between the work responsibilities at Flexsin and the previous organization is that here I have to call my clients daily....sometimes 4 calls a day. Communicating regularly with the clients make it easier to understand the nature and business of the client. Most of the clients I used to talk are soft in nature.

I've a professional team having senior SEOs. SEOs, Executives etc and all of them are doing their job with full responsibilities. I wish them all Best of luck for their future and projects.

Happy Holi to all of you.....

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Joined Flexsin Technologies as Project Lead

Last week of August 2013, I joined Flexsin Technologies on 27th Aug'13 as the Project Lead in the Internet Marketing department. After 8 rounds of interviews, finally I was selected by Flexsin. During last 2 months of working at flexsin, I found a very much friendly environment here. I made few good friends too, some of them are Manish, Arun, Neeraj, Gautam, Chiranjeet and the list goes on.

The team I have been given is very close to me as well. All its memeber are very hard working and sincere including Vivek, Saifur, Ashish, Heera, Rakesh. I pray to God for the good luck to my team. I felt an absolute professional and calm environement here and I believe it would be similar in coming months too.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Comeback from the dark: On the Way to Fly in the Sky

October 2012.....October 2013...12 months of my life I'll never forget. I can see bright light now and the darkest hour of my life is almost left behind. As I'll walk ahead I can see a new path.

October 2012....everything was going perfect. I was planning to celebrate Dushehra with my beloved in a different way. I planned a lot of new things for our forthcoming marriage anniversary and her birthday. I was also expecting my appraisal at Ishir, Noida same month. Suddenly, I lost almost everything. After several months of treatment, I started to recover and by the middle of Mar 2013, I joined PageTraffic as my new employer. I could work there for around 3 months till 30th May and I had to leave it for some personal reasons. I started to live as a paying guest in Sector 20 and made some good friends there. Looking for better opportunities it took around 3 months when I could find a better employer.

October it has been a long time but I can't forget the life I spent in Noida....those 12 months I enjoyed a lot. I am thankful to my landlords who were very supportive and always behaved us like a family. I can't forget the Rafting tour with them to Rishikesh. We spent good time in the camps at Shivpuri, played volleyball near the river, bath in the coldest water, chatted in the bonfire, crossed the gigantic and dangerous rafts successfully. That was the wonderful time of my life and I pray to God to have the same in our life again and again. God bless us all!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Optimizing eCommerce websites - Part 2

1. A proper thought of keyword analysis will have keywords with Brand Names, Model Numbers, Product Names and Categories, because this is the way a user performs searches. Having said that, long tail keywords should be a part of your Keyword Strategy.
2. Dynamic URLs add more to it by auto generated pages , you need to make sure that all auto/cart generated pages are being tagged with “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”, because if you have duplicate content running on your website, original and unique pages might get affected as well.
3. Low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings, and thus removing low quality pages, merging or improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content. Shallow pages are pages which offer the same content and does not add any extra value.
4. Make sure that the meta elements ( Description, Titles) of your web-pages are unique as well. You can check this in your GWT under HTML improvement tab. Almost all the CMS used for e-commerce websites offer this feature, either there will be an inbuilt feature for specifying unique meta tags or you can use plugins, modules and extensions for this.
5. Almost all e-commerce sites offer site search functionality, make sure that the search pages are “NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW” as these pages are crawl-able and will be considered as duplicates.  Also, if you are using paginated content, it is HIGHLY recommended that you should use pagination using rel= next and rel= previous attribute.
6. Dynamic urls are not only user unfriendly, but are also the main reason behind duplicate content/meta data , so you need to make sure that you are using static URLs.
7. Optimizing your landing pages is not a one time thing if it’s an eCommerce website. You have to optimize your web-page again and again, reason being, you will introduce new offers, products, your competition will change and thus you have to be proactive towards those changes.
8. During the transaction/subscription process(shopping cart), always try to remove unnecessary steps as these “not required” steps annoy a potential user and might affect your conversion rate. Keep the number of steps to a minimum. The more steps you have the more complicated it becomes.

Optimizing eCommerce websites

1. To get unique content at little cost, encourage your users to upload reviews, comments, photos, videos, etc.
2. When your content is being reused without your permission, request that Google remove the page under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
3. Focus on heavily marketing few hot items instead of every single product. Make sure to directly link to these product pages from your homepage.
4. Review the analytics of a product page you want to promote. Identify the long-tail keywords that are driving users to the page — and incorporate them into your copy for Googlebot to crawl.
5. The popularity of Google Image Search and Google’s Universal blended search makes the optimization of all media types essential. Optimize image title tags, alt tags, and ensure that all links pointing to the image include relevant keywords. Rename those generic image titles (Product125.jpg becomes BlueCardiganSweater.jpg).
6. GoogleBot now crawls Google News, and “it’s a great way for smaller brands to play with the big brand,” says Osmeoloski. “A small boutique could go to their local news outlet with a story about top spring fashion trends, resulting in their URL appearing in news results.”
7. Take advantage of Google products. Google Base has been rebooted as the Google Merchant Center, where site owners can upload product feeds for easy discovery in Google Product Search.
8. Many brands already have Facebook Pages, but the emergence of "Search, Plus Your World" just made Google+ more relevant. Users now see photos, posts and content from their friends integrated into their search results. Be active on Google+ to increase your chances of appearing more prominently in the search of a potential customer.
9. Take advantage of Google Places. Google reports that one in five searches is related to location. If you have multiple storefronts, make sure they’re individually listed and include detailed information: business hours, photos, and even coupons.
10. Ecommerce sites are often generated from structured data converted to HTML for human consumption — but not optimized for Googlebot. The formalized outlines found on will provide search engines with access to your data.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013: Joined PageTraffic Webtech as SEO Manager

I was looking for some job opportunities and got a call from PageTraffic Webtech, Noida. On the day of interview, I cleared 4 rounds including written English/communication, Written technical test, System test for site analysis and Face to face technical interview. The HR scheduled the final round with the CEO the next day.

Amongst  these rounds of interview, 3rd round was a bit longer...2 hours analysis on the machine. I was given a shopping portal and I had to analyze the pros and cons, what can be improved from SEO point of view as well as conversion point of view. I got offer letter the next day.

Worked there for almost 3 months, I became very close to the team mates specially onpage members like Sumit, Ankit, Alok and Anupam. All of them are hard working. We worked altogether and solved many issues for process as well as client deliveries. Looking forward for their bright future.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Treating Bells Palsy (Facial Paralysis Treatment)

Steroids are used to cure Bells Palsy by the doctors but it can cause other sideeffects to your kidneys and other organs after you crossed 40s. To cure facial paralysis, there are various treatments in ayurvedic and unani which are effective too. I took treatment from Dr. Ashok Bakhshi (Dr. Kashmiri) in Khatauli (Muzaffarnagar). Bells Palsy can be recovered in 20-30 days but it can take as much time as 3-4 months. Following is the one such treatment I took and recovered 100% when I was 29 during 2012. Continue the treatment till you recovered completely....

Step-1: Upto 10 days
Baidyanath Rasraj Ras (with Gold)    0------------0
1/2 tablet twice a day after churning in a spoon of honey
Neurobin Forte (Vit B)                           0------------0
Injection once in 2 days OR tablets twice a day

Step-2: Next 15-20 days

Baidyanath Rasraj Ras (with Gold)    0------------0
1/2 tablet twice a day after churning in a spoon of honey
Hamdard Qurs Iksir Faliz Wa Lakwa  0------------0
Baidyanath Ekangvir Ras                       0------------0
(Can also be added to above)

Step-3: Next 15-20 days
Baidyanath Rasraj Ras (with Gold)    0------------0
1/2 tablet twice a day after churning in a spoon of honey
Gabamin Tablets (At night only)        -------------0
(Gabapentin & Methylcobalamin)

Step-4: Next 30-40 days
Baidyanath Yogendra Ras (with Gold)            0------------0
1/2 tablet twice a day after churning in a spoon of honey
Gabamin Tablets (At night only)                -------------0
(Gabapentin & Methylcobalamin)
Baidyanath Swarna Samir Pannag Ras (one gram)       0------------0
Mix it in 100gram honey & eat 1/2 spoon twice a day. It can last for 5-6 days. Repeat the same accordingly.

* Oily & junk foods must be avoided.
* Honey should be used in place of sugar.